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Elon’s Twitter: Where Birds are X-tinct and X is King

In Elon’s Twitter kingdom, where birds once took wing,
Now they’re X-tinct, and ‘X’ is the new king.
Musk strides in, his plans bold and exciting,
A new Twitter era, his rule is inciting
“X” shall be the mark, the new emblem to bear,
A symbol so stark, causing many to stare.
Black as the night, the platform shall turn,
As Musk’s fiery whims continue to churn.

From rockets to cars, his innovations were grand,
Now he’s the puppet master, with Twitter in his hand.
Conspiracies, spats, in the limelight he stands,
With the world’s richest title, he commands and demands.

Once a beacon of space, electric cars on the street,
Now he’s the Twitter king, making Wall Street’s heart beat.
Service disruptions, staff cuts, the changes are vast,
With every new tweet, he’s breaking the mast.

Bankruptcy’s shadow, lurking close by,
Yet Musk seems unfazed, aiming for the sky.
“Ad revenues plummet, the debts they do soar,
But fear not,” he jests, “there’s much more in store!”

In the world of tech giants, Musk plays his own game,
With every new move, Twitter will never be the same.
A platform once simple, now caught in a whirl,
As we watch and wonder, in Musk’s Twitter world.

From the ashes of the old, the new shall arise,
A Twitter reborn, under Musk’s watchful eyes.
Yet, amidst the chaos, one question remains,
Will Musk’s Twitter gamble bring gains or pains?


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