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Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’ Music Video Faces Third Lawsuit

Dua Lipa, reigning pop queen of the day,
With “Levitating” leading the musical fray.
But amidst the cheers and the chart’s ascent,
A legal storm brews, its intent quite bent.

Bosko Kante steps forth, a musician of note,
Claims his “talk box” recording they did quote.
In remixes three, his sound did appear,
Without his nod, the message is clear.

An oral agreement, once made in trust,
For the original song, but remixes? A thrust.
Against the agreement, a breach so vast,
For a song that in memories will last.

Twenty million, the sum he demands,
For a tune that across nations stands.
Billboard charts and accolades galore,
Yet, these lawsuits, hard to ignore.

From DaBaby to Madonna, in remixes they shine,
Yet Kante’s claim throws a challenging line.
With three lawsuits now, the path seems tough,
For a song that can’t get enough.

As the legal battles unfold in the court’s view,
Fans await, hoping for a resolution true.
May the beats continue, the melodies flow,
In the world of pop, where controversies often grow.