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Crossing the Line of Scrimmage: Does Ex-NFL Star Owe Apology for Dead Bear Pic?

Carson Wentz
Credit: Instagram @cj_wentz11


In the wild, wild world of the NFL’s game,
Where stars are made, and so is the fame,
Comes a tale of a hunt, a bear, and a bow,
Carson Wentz, ex-quarterback, is stealing the show.

Off to Alaska, with his aim so true,
Fulfilling a “bucket list” item, out of the blue.
An “incredible trip,” an “incredible animal,” he said,
But the backlash was swift, and quickly spread.

“Barbaric,” “pathetic,” the critics cried,
Accusing him of killing for fun, their anger amplified.
They questioned his skills, his career, his act,
While the bear lay lifeless, that’s a fact.

But not all were against Wentz’s hunt,
His fellow quarterbacks didn’t confront.
They praised his skills, his aim, his might,
And expressed interest in a bear meat bite.

So, should Wentz apologize, or stand his ground?
Should he bow to the pressure, or make no sound?
Here are some arguments, for your delight,
In this tale of a bear, an arrow, and a fight.

Penalty! Cries one side, with fervor and zeal,
Hunting a bear is unnecessary, it’s no big deal.
Bad for the environment, bad for his image,
Crossing the line of scrimmage.

No Penalty! Shouts the other, with equal force,
Hunting is legal, he followed the course.
It’s part of his culture, his passion, his right,
In the Alaskan wilderness, under the night.

But wait, there’s more, an overdue apology,
Not for the bear, but for his football strategy.
His 2022 season, a horror story to tell,
His performance made fans want to yell.

In the court of public opinion, the jury’s still out,
Is he a hero or villain? There’s still some doubt.
At the very least, for the football follies, apologize,
For the sake of Washington faithful, that would be wise.