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Crayola Enters the Flower Business with a Focus on Charity

selective focus photography of Crayola crayons

In a world where colors reign supreme,
Crayola thought of a vibrant dream.
Not just crayons, oh no, not they,
They’re selling flowers, hip hip hooray!

From wax to petals, a leap so bold,
With bouquets bright, and stories untold.
“Buy our roses, mums, and more,
And help a charity, that’s the core!”

Mrs. Bloom’s on board, the flowers are fresh,
Shipped from farms, in a colorful mesh.
From fifty to a hundred and fifty bucks,
For those feeling lucky or down on their luck.

A history rich, with crayons and Crocs,
Now they’re in flowers, oh what a shock!
But wait, there’s more, it’s not just for show,
It’s about kindness, as we all should know.

Donate to a cause, pick one or two,
From Autism Speaks to the old 4-H crew.
And if you’re a business, small or large,
Join the platform, take charge!

A mobile truck, on the road it goes,
Selling flowers, as the kindness flows.
Three years in making, through pandemic’s haze,
Crayola’s new venture, truly does amaze.

So next time you think of a crayon’s hue,
Remember Crayola’s flowers, fresh and new.
In a world that’s ever so gray,
They’re adding color, in a brand-new way!