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Coco Lee: A Tribute to a Transcendent Talent

Coco Lee. Credit: Instagram

In the realm of stars and the glittering night,
We’ve lost a beacon, Coco Lee, our light.
From Asia’s heart to Disney’s grand stage,
Her voice, her spirit, impossible to gauge.

Born in Hong Kong, to the States she flew,
In Mandarin and English, her melodies grew.
Voiced Mulan, sang for Crouching Tiger’s might,
Her star shone brightly, oh what a sight.

Yet beneath the glamour, a battle raged,
A silent war, in her heart, it was waged.
A tragic end, a loss so profound,
In our hearts, her echoes still sound.

But let’s remember Coco, for her radiant glow,
For the music and joy that she did sow.
Breaking barriers for Chinese voices,
In her honor, the world rejoices.

She shared the stage with the King of Pop,
Judged Chinese Idol, she was non-stop.
Faced life’s hurdles, a year of strife,
Yet her bright smile, it was her life.

So here’s to Coco, her life a melody,
In our hearts, she’ll forever be.
In the world of stars, where truths are few,
Let’s remember Coco, a tribute due.

To Coco Lee, may your star forever gleam,
In the celestial concert hall, where you’re the dream.
And remember folks, mental health is real,
Reach out, speak up, let’s break the seal.