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Charles 1, Biden 0: A Lesson in Royal Decorum

Biden rolled up in his presidential ride,
To Windsor Castle, with American pride.
Met King Charles, with a touch on the back,
Caused a royal uproar, gave the media a snack.

“Protocol breach!” the headlines screamed,
While the Palace whispered, “It’s not as it seemed.”
Charles was chill, took it in stride,
Monarchy’s modern, on the worldwide tide.

Rewind the clock, take a history tour,
No President’s seen a coronation, that’s pure lore.
From George to Joe, all took a raincheck,
Too busy, or just a diplomatic wreck?

Atlantic’s breadth or American pride,
Kept them from the monarch’s side.
Whatever the reason, it’s a historical slide,
No President’s seen a British monarch’s ride.

Amidst the fuss, the royal greet,
Climate change took the front seat.
Big business, finance, got the call,
To save our planet, before we fall.

Raise a glass to the King and the Prez,
Future meets, less of a mess.
And to the coronation, a historical dent,
May the next President, give their assent,
Witness the crown, the royal ascent.