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Celebrating National Ice Cream Day: A Scoop Out of History’s Pages

Who froze the first cream, we are left to query,
On this wickedly wild National Ice Cream Day’s revelry,
We’re hunting through history, it’s anything but dreary,
But hold on tight, this ride’s no ordinary ferry.

From the gutters of gimmicks, past the marketing scary,
The tale isn’t spun by Baskin or Jerry,
It dips into the past, ancient and airy,
A frosted saga that’s anything but ordinary.

In the hazy East, the Chinese got merry,
A mix of rice and milk, frozen, nothing to parry,
King Tang, of Shang, started this flurry,
Four millennia back, a date not imaginary.

Persians saunter in, their flavors vary,
Saffron, fruits, rose, a recipe not secondary,
“Unparalleled ice”, the ancients’ commentary,
An elusive taste, the sensation momentary.

Here’s Alexander, the tale’s adversary,
Snow honey, nectar and juice, his dietary,
A royal treat, his love for it necessary,
His fondness for frost, legendary.

Romans join in, their ambitions not monetary,
Caesar’s runners dash, the landscape snowy,
Fruits, wine mixed in, a dessert extraordinary,
Under the Roman sky, an icy glory.

Arab world, their addition contrary,
Sharbat born of sugar, their method visionary,
Sorbet is born, a love affair, a sweet canary,
Under the moonlight, a kiss of sugar and dairy.

Marco Polo, an explorer honorary,
From the East, brings a tale voluntary,
Of frozen delights, daily and customary,
In Italy, Gelato’s popularity is momentary.

In the New World, a play quite voluntary,
Mrs. Mary Eppes, George Washington’s secretary,
Her recipe – vanilla ice cream, sweet and creamy,
A modern delight, this journey, extraordinary.

And then, a twist, quite revolutionary,
1984, enters Ronald Reagan, his decree preliminary,
The third Sunday of July, National Ice Cream Day, his commentary,
His official stamp, a moment evolutionary.

Not just a day, Reagan’s proclamation secondary,
July – Ice Cream Month, the endorsement honorary,
A sweet decree, an act necessary,
Ice cream’s tribute, joyous and merry.

So who the hell invented ice cream, a tale, imaginary?
A global dance, each contribution, voluntary,
Every lick, every scoop, every sundae and cherry,
To the creators of ice cream, we offer commentary.

On this National Ice Cream Day, let’s not tarry,
To every icy innovator, every dairy,
From the ancients to the space-age fairy,
Here’s to ice cream, our universal love story!