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Celebrating Indian Food Culture: Pani Puri Style

Oh, Google Doodle, you’ve done it again,
Celebrating pani puri, a snack that’s a ten.
A bite-sized delight from the streets of India,
A culinary delight, no need for media.

Pani puri, gol gappa, or phuchka,
No matter the name, it’s no fluke-a.
From Delhi to Maharashtra, it’s a sensation,
A snack that unites the Indian nation.

Stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas, and spice,
Dunked in flavored water, oh so nice.
Eaten in rounds, quickly, with glee,
A snack that’s as versatile as can be.

First, you take the puri, crispy and light,
Poke a hole in it, but hold it tight.
Stuff it with potatoes, chickpeas, and spice,
A dash of tamarind, now that’s nice.

Then comes the pani, a flavorful brew,
Mint, garlic, lemon, just to name a few.
Dunk the puri, but don’t let it soak,
Pop it in your mouth, enjoy the yolk.

But wait, my friend, before you take flight,
This poetic recipe might not turn out right.
For a perfect pani puri, don’t guess or assume,
Here’s a link for you, to avoid culinary doom.