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Canada’s Wildfires: A Global Roast We Didn’t Sign Up For

In a fiery twist that burns like a roast,
Canada’s wildfire season goes full beast mode,
Smashing records with a fervor so hot,
It makes Comedy Central’s Roast seem like a snooze-a-lot.

These fires rage with horrifying might,
Mesmerizing, yet a terrifying sight,
They’ve devoured a mind-blowing 19,027,114 acres,
Equivalent to Costa Rica, no need for acres.

These fires, not content with local fame,
Decided to go global, playing an international game,
Their smoke embarked on a world tour,
Blanketing New York City, then off to the UK, for sure.

But fear not, our friends across the pond,
The smoke is high, tea-time won’t correspond,
It will, however, add drama to your skies,
A reminder that this crisis knows no boundaries, no lies.

Back in Canada, wildfires ignite,
Faster than pop-up ads on a dodgy website,
Alberta leads the charge, burning with glee,
Followed by Ontario and Quebec, what a spree.

Air quality plunges, a red warning sign,
Even the government’s readings, they can’t undermine,
Their southern neighbors feel the smoky sting,
Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, their air quality takes a swing.

Canada’s smoke doesn’t respect borders or walls,
It travels freely, disregarding it all,
Now, here’s the punchline, and it’s no joke,
Scientists warn, it’s climate change that spoke.

As the crisis escalates, brace for more,
More wildfires, more smoke, it’s becoming a chore,
So, let’s not ignore this smoky signal,
Climate change is here, it’s not a future wrangle.

It’s a right-now problem, for all to see,
Not just Canada’s woe, it’s a global decree,
Let’s wake up and act, turn down the heat,
Combat climate change, make our efforts concrete.

Let em’ be known for maple syrup and hockey,
Not for record-breaking fires, oh how cocky,
So let’s unite, let’s change our fate,
And leave behind a world we can appreciate.