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Between Maui’s Fire and Oprah’s Estate: Where Headlines Wander

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In Maui’s fiery glow, Oprah did stand,
Handing out blankets, with a generous hand.
Yet as the island faced its darkest day,
Media’s eyes on Oprah’s acreage did sway.

“Overwhelming,” she whispered, amidst the haze,
But her ranch-style home became part of the craze.
For over 15 years, on Maui she’d dwell,
With 1,000 acres, stories to tell.

Many lives lost, a heart-wrenching view,
Yet media buzzed about where Oprah’s trees grew.
Homes turned to ash, skies painted gray,
Yet chatter was of terraces, where Oprah might lay.

From her bedroom to terrace, a step away,
To vintage lights in her kitchen, media did sway.
Hurricane Dora, with its fierce, wild song,
Yet tales spun of where Oprah’s lands belong.

Her eclectic kitchen, with modern and old,
Became a media story, repeatedly told.
The bedroom, a highlight, with its grand view,
Was another detail the media eagerly drew.

While Maui’s heart ached, and its spirit was tried,
Media’s focus sometimes took a different stride.
With GoFundMe campaigns, and tweets galore,
Still, some wondered about Oprah’s decor.

For while Oprah’s efforts are noble and true,
Sometimes media’s gaze takes a different view.
It’s Maui’s resilience that fills us with pride,
Yet Oprah’s acreage is where some eyes reside.