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Barbie Movie Not Just Child’s Play

Raking in $70.5 million on opening day,
Barbie’s movie debut blew others away.
Biggest domestic box office opening of the year,
Yet, this ain’t just about the money, let’s be clear.

It’s not just Barbie in a pink-tinted scene,
Or Ken at her side, as if in a dream.
This ain’t your childhood fantasy, no,
Greta Gerwig’s at the helm, ready to show.

From Malibu’s gloss to the city’s raw streets,
Barbie’s journey ain’t all sugary sweets.
Reality bites, and Barbie feels the sting,
Gender inequity, harassment, the whole damn thing.

Even the CEO of Mattel steps into the ring,
Underneath the sparkle, a deeper truth they bring.
Barbie, the icon, the feminine ideal,
In a world of plastic, starts to feel real.

A nostalgic trigger for the childhood crowd,
Barbie’s journey is loud and proud.
From a doll’s story to A Doll’s House,
Barbie navigates, sly as a mouse.

She returns enlightened, her world rearranged,
In a narrative that’s beautifully deranged.
Robbie and Gosling, they play their part,
In this Doll-Doll Revolution, they show their art.

A movie of many faces, a high-concept comedy,
A mother-daughter drama, a hero’s journey.
A droll dig at Matchbox 20’s “Push”,
In this Barbie tale, there’s no need to hush.

A balance of kitsch, meta-commentary, and appreciation,
This Barbie movie ain’t no vacation.
It unpacks the baggage, questions the past,
In this tale of a doll, the die is cast.

A movie that wants to have its Dreamhouse,
And burn it down, without a rouse.
A big movie with big ideas, a sight to see,
Even a Barbie movie, especially a Barbie movie.


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