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‘Barbie’ joins Billion-Dollar Club with a Woman at the Helm

Once upon a time in Hollywood’s glitzy land,
A tale of plastic and dreams, so grand.
Barbie, the doll, took the silver screen,
In a billion-dollar movie, oh so pristine.

Greta Gerwig, the director, took the helm,
In the billion-dollar club, she overwhelms.
The only woman with sole credit, you see,
In a club that’s as exclusive as can be.

Frozen, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman’s might,
Shared the glory, but didn’t reach the height.
Barbie, however, with her plastic charm,
Broke the glass ceiling, without any harm.

Male-oriented, franchise-driven, the billion-dollar norm,
But Barbie’s success, a refreshing storm.
Only nine films with female leads,
In the billion-dollar club, that’s indeed.

Hollywood’s sluggish, with gender parity,
But Barbie’s success, a rarity.
A reflection of culture, or market forces,
The debate continues, in hushed voices.

Barbie’s appeal, to men and women alike,
A plastic doll, on a billion-dollar bike.
Hollywood, oh Hollywood, can’t you see?
The need for more women, in your movie spree.

So here’s to Barbie, and Greta’s feat,
A billion-dollar woman, in the director’s seat.
May this be a sign, a hopeful ray,
For more women directors, to lead the way.