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Aurora Borealis Tired of the Cold, Heads South for a Bit

Hold your breath, gaze at the sky,
A celestial spectacle is drawing nigh!
From the land of the polar ice,
Aurora Borealis rolls the dice.

From Seattle’s skyline to Iowa’s fields so vast,
Cleveland, Boston, Halifax – the cast,
Aurora Borealis, tired of the cold,
Is heading south, bold and bold!

The Geophysical Institute, with wisdom so vast,
Forecasts a light show that’s sure to last.
In seventeen states, when the day takes flight,
Look upwards to witness the magic of the night.

The Kp index, a scale of light,
Promises a Kp6, oh what a sight!
From zero to nine, the scale does go,
Six means a vibrant, pulsating glow.

On Wednesday eve, low on the horizon,
The lights begin their mesmerizing risin’.
But Thursday’s the night, when they roar stronger,
And the lights in the sky dance even longer.

Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Bay City too,
Will see the lights in a heavenly hue.
Salem, Boise, Cheyenne, take note,
The northern lights deserve your vote.

The sun’s solar wind, a force so fierce,
Sets the northern lights on a course to pierce.
Coronal mass ejections, a term so grand,
Make the night sky a wonderland.

Electrons spray into the magnetic field,
And a light show of epic proportions is revealed.
They collide with molecules in the air,
Creating colors beyond compare.

Professor McPherron, a man of science,
Compares the aurora to an old TV’s defiance.
The aurora, he says, is just the same,
As the glow from the TV frame.

The greens, blues, and reds that we see,
Come from electrons, wild and free.
They excite the gasses, oh so bright,
And fill the night with a spectacle of light.

In April, the lights were seen so far,
As south as Arizona, under a star.
This storm is the third, since the cycle’s birth,
A celestial event of immense worth.

So, if you wish to see this sight,
Venture away from the city’s light.
Between 10 PM and 2 AM, it’s said,
Is when the sky turns a vibrant green and red.

So, brace yourself for this cosmic ballet,
A spectacle that’ll take your breath away.
From the north they descend, to the south they twirl,
In a dancing, prancing, colorful whirl.