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A Billion Down? If Mickelson Can Seek Help, There’s Hope for All

In the greens and fairways, where golf balls soar,
Lies a tale by Billy Walters, the gambler of lore.
Phil Mickelson, with a swing so neat,
Yet his betting habits, hard to beat.

A billion on sports, oh what a spree,
Did he think of the Ryder Cup? Oh, let’s see!
Walters got a call, a bet so grand,
But he said, “Phil, you must understand.”

“Remember Pete Rose, and the price he paid?
You’re the modern Palmer, don’t let that fade!”
Yet Mickelson claims, with a voice so clear,
“I never bet on Ryder, hold your jeers.”

His addiction to gambling, he did confess,
Yet his earnings in golf, still impress.
Walters felt betrayed, their bond did sever,
For in the world of bets, trust lasts never.

But like Mickelson, we must all see,
That gambling’s allure can trap even thee.
Acknowledge the risk, before it’s too late,
For addiction’s grip can seal one’s fate.

Yet, even if a billion is lost in the fray,
Know it’s never too late to seek help and sway.
For in life’s vast course, with its highs and its dips,
Redemption can come, with the right steps and tips.