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77 Years of Love: Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

Once upon a time, in a Georgia town so small,
A Navy midshipman, Jimmy, stood tall.
He met a newborn, Rosalynn, so sweet,
Little did they know, their love would never meet defeat.

Seventy-seven years of marriage, oh what a feat,
The longest of any presidential couple, ain’t that neat?
From a small-town farm to the White House seat,
Their love story, oh it’s so elite.

Rosalynn, the mental health advocate, so keen,
Jimmy, the peanut farmer, turned political machine.
From the Georgia Senate to the presidential scene,
Their journey together has been quite the dream.

Jimmy lost to Reagan, but they didn’t retreat,
Their love grew stronger, they didn’t miss a beat.
They founded The Carter Center, oh so neat,
Human rights and education, they did entreat.

Now in their nineties, they’re still on their feet,
Working with Habitat for Humanity, ain’t that sweet?
They enjoy bird watching, and sometimes compete,
In writing books and fishing, they’re hard to beat.

Jimmy’s in hospice, Rosalynn’s memory’s not so fleet,
But their love story continues, it’s not yet complete.
Their grandson Jason says their love is elite,
And Jimmy’s proudest moment? Marrying Rosalynn, that’s neat!

So here’s to the Carters, their love story we repeat,
In the face of adversity, they never admit defeat.
Their legacy of love, service, and faith, oh it’s so neat,
A testament to a life that’s truly replete.

Happy Anniversary Carter’s!